Edwina Dunn

Co-Founder & CEO, Dunnhumby/Starcount

Edwina is CEO of Starcount, an innovative company creating the next generation of insights, analytics, and profiling products and services. These bring clarity to social media and transaction data, to provide a view of the “Complete Customer”. 

Prior to Starcount, Edwina was co-founder of dunnhumby, which she set up in 1989. The business focused on the application of customer data to understand and predict consumer trends and behaviours. At that time, customer data was not valued or stored but simply discarded following a transaction. 

In 1995, Tesco embraced the dunnhumby approach for its Clubcard programme and so it became the first mass customisation-marketing programme in the world. The insight into customer behaviour Clubcard enabled helped to transform Tesco from a secondary player in the UK to the significant market and global leader it is today. In 2011, after 21 years of profitable growth, Edwina and her partner sold the business to Tesco.

Edwina runs a not-for-profit platform around women’s perception that seeks to amplify their voices and self confidence called the What I See Project. A book, The Female Lead is aimed at showing girls the vast range of opportunities that are available to them.

Edwina has mentored…

Do Nation

At Do Nation, we’re all about action. Through our clever pledging platform, we help people adopt new behaviours that help to create a happier, healthier, more sustainable world.


  • Do Nation

Seriously well organised, very professional and smooth. Edwina was incredibly astute in her observations of me and my character, leading to some very valuable and well placed advice that only those who are a step removed can usually give. Thank you.”

Hermione Taylor, Founder of Do Nation

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